Saturday, May 18, 2024


Below are the links to my Poetry. It covers a variety of subjects, from my experiences during World War Two, my memories of childhood,  my feelings of Love, Anger peppered with some some Humour here and there, and some experimental verse. I hope that you enjoy them.

Bumble Bee (Cwch)
A Boys Song
A Minor Called Morris
A Padre Weeps
A Poet And His Applewood Staff
A Selection Of Haiku
A Soldier Dies Kneeling
A Soldiers Epitaph
A Tanka
A Tanka For A Chicken
A Tanka For My Queen
A Tanka For My Wife
A Walk In The Sunken Lane
Afghanistan Ladies
All Life Sacred
Cloning The Alphabet
Dawn Encounter
Dead – Not Dishonoured
Dinner Time
Double Cinquains
Dunkirk Disaster
Final Redundancy
First Kiss By The River
Fly On The Window
Foot And Mouth Disease
For Those Shot For Cowardice
Gobowen 1927
Golden Days
Growing Old Gracefully
Halloween Party
Harbour Lights
High Summer
Highway – A Cinquaine
Last Farewell
Listen In The Darkness
Lost Love
Lovers Dreams
Making Up
Medley Of Cinquains
Mind Block
Mind Walking
My Angel
My Friend Tim
Nights Sweet Dreams
Nurse Edith Cavell – Heroine
Party At The Ruined Castle
Pit Ponies And Fireflies
Playing With Fish
Pumpkin Capers
Rabbit Speaking
Seasons – Autumn Thoughts
Second Chance?
So Many Dawns
The Brothers
The Cup & Saucer Tree (Epilogue)
The Cup & Saucer Tree (Prologue)
The Drum Head Service
The Elderly In Revolt
The Evening Primrose
The Gentle Man
The Greatest Show on Earth
The Letter H – Ha Love ‘ate Relationship
The Life That I Have (by Leo Marks)
The Old Brown Teapot
The One They Call The Devil Bird
The Party Kiss
The River
The Shire Stallion
The Soldier Artist
The Thresher’s Lament
The Water Meadow (A poem for two voices)
The Weston Spirit
The Whitlow
The Witch – A parody (by Gwen)
The Witching Hour
Time For Tea
Two Way Split
Valentine 1 and 2 and out
War Or Peace
We Will Remember
What Next?
When A River Floods Strange Things Happen
Wimbledon – Game, Set and Match