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The Letter H – Ha Love ‘ate Relationship

April 14, 2010 by  
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My name is Albert, or Halbert, depending on whether you are picking me up, or dropping me off.

I live with ‘enery and ‘ector. We also share with Holive and Halice.

I like Holive’s cooking, ‘er ‘am and Heggs, alternating

with ham and eggs, sometimes in a Homelette.

It really is nice with my H friends, being sometimes a Haitch, or an aitch.

The trouble was they came and picked us hup, took us back to Ospital, hin the Hambulance, every one of us ‘umped in the back, hour new ‘ome is:

‘Appy ‘Ouse,

Happy House Lane,

Angover Hestate,

‘Ampshire, Hingland.

Come and see me, you’ll like it ‘ere (‘onest!)

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