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The Battle Of Hechtel September 1944

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The Battle Of Hechtel(Sept 7th – 12th 1944) was one of many battles involving the Welsh Guards, and resulting in the award of Battle Honours to the regiment.

Click here to view my copy of the Company Commanders preliminary report of this battle. (pdf)


8 Responses to “The Battle Of Hechtel September 1944”
  1. Gareth Evans says:


    Firstly – what a fantastically informative website. It’s a pleasure to read.

    The PDF link for this however doesn’t seem to work which is shame as I believe
    my mothers cousin GDSM Griff Lewis (1st BN No 3 Coy) was involved in assisting with this
    in a line of comms capacity.

    Hopefully you can get the link working as I am very interested in this part of your diary (particularly as Griff was sadly killed during
    this battle)

    Kind Regards


  2. Leigh Kitchen says:

    Hello, this file cannot be accessed, is there any chance that it can be made available please (my father and uncle were 1WG and present at this battle)


  3. A.R (David) Lewis says:

    Hello, Leigh. I know this is a very late reply, but the file regarding the Battle Of Hechtel is now available here.

  4. A.R (David) Lewis says:

    Hello, Gareth. I know this is a very late reply, but the file regarding the Battle Of Hechtel is now available, here.

  5. Roy Smith says:

    My friends father Sergeant Ivor Wilcox, 2nd Welsh Guards was the gunner of Lte W. Hugh Griffiths’s tank responsible for shelling Major Sattler’s Jagdpanther. Ivor was also a rugby player and played in the Army v RAF match held in Brussells in Dec 1944; any details of this game would be appreciated.

  6. Major Christian Borland says:

    Hello from Canada. I own Sgt Ivor Wilcox’s medals (mounted and framed) + have several photos of him, kindly provided by his family.

  7. Royston Smith says:

    Hello Christian
    I am at present writing an article on Sgt Ivor Wilcox for inclusion in a book I am writing on the history of my local village of Brithdir in the Rhymney Valley of Glamorgan, South Wales. I wonder would you be so kind to share a photo of the medals and a photo of Sgt Wilcox. I would appreciate any help.
    I should add that the book I am writing I have offered to a local historical society who are keen to publish it as one of their journals. The society is a small non-profit group who are interested in preserving our local history. Hope you can help.
    Regards, Roy

  8. A.R (David) Lewis says:

    Hi Roy,

    I’m afraid David passed away, earlier this year and this site is kept open in his memory. He would have loved to have assisted you and he would appreciate your interest. I will pass on Major Borland’s email to you, privately. (I’m sure he won’t mind). I hope this is of some help.