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Mind Walking

April 13, 2010 by  
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To walk the woods and hills of yesteryears,

See again the wonders of nature’s treasures.

Ignore the ageing heart beat fears.

Walk the paths of ancient forefathers,

Along the hills of purple heather,

Rest beneath the Rowan’s shade,

Watch the Red Kite swoop, and fade.

Just as he did in Merlin’s days,

He who taught young Arthur his Kingly ways,

And men and women lived, and loved,

In peace and honour trothed.

For thirst sip the clear crystal water,

That bubbles out the Earth.

Listen to it’s gentle chatter,

Echoing the tinkle of Genevieve’s laughter.

Smell the dog fox in his hide,

Then see him asleep, don’t hurt his pride,

Walk on, climb higher in the rocky crags,

In hidden caves the wild cat gags.

Live just a little like they did in olden times,

In your make up some ancient genes remain,

From forebears long since forgotten.

Allow them space within your domain.

Thus the aged travel down memory walks,

No need to listen to mobile phone talks.

So when you see them sit and smile,

Walk with them along that last enchanting mile

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