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War Or Peace

April 14, 2010 by  
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The World speaks of war to bring peace,

It has been said so many times before,

When will mankind learn this certain piece

of history,it comes through love of each other, ever more.

Mighty nations speak of smart bombs,

Lesser ones so called dirty ones,

Not caring that all end in obligatory tombs,

of destruction, death and shattered homes.

War to end all wars,this the claim,

Made each time that neighbours fight.

Each believing they are in the right,

Piously stating “Our God is on our side”

Remember the aftermath of WW1.

Blind, and maimed men begging in the streets.

Their job completed, now they could be forgotten,

The perpetrators of war,now forgiven.

In WW2, another chance to put right,

The wrongs of those who chose to fight,

Annihilate the weak, those not of the chosen race.

Was this to be another useless waste?

Tyrants spring up through oppression,

Power and wealth their ambition,

Putting to death all who cry out in opposition.

With guns and grenades bought cheaply from richer nations.

Evil men must not be allowed to flourish,

Powerful ones their power curbed,

Both curtailed to let empathy nourish

their minds, to live in tandem undisturbed.

Still Politicians play political games,

Allowing time for tyrants to oppress,

Imprison, torture kill or maim,

While spin doctors spin their answers to distress.

Now we have to choose the lesser of two evils,

To stop these men perform their evil ways,

Or stand by, and let them have their day?

I have no choice, I cannot walk away!

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