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Seasons – Autumn Thoughts

April 14, 2010 by  
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Autumn, in nature, and in life,

A time to reflect, to value the year.

To remember spring when growing was rife,

Long summer days and memories so dear.

When all natures harvest has been gathered,

And life begins to slow it’s pace,

With keener winds,and the sun’s cooler face,

Natures creatures more thickly furred and feathered.

Old men start to hog the fire,

Fallen leaves of different colours,

Burn in heaps for many hours,

Giving out the smell of Autumns attire.

When Winter comes we are prepared,

For cold times of ice and snow,

Comforted by the fact we know,

Another year will soon appear.

The Elderly sigh, and wonder will they?

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