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Cloning The Alphabet

April 13, 2010 by  
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Choose a word, something simple like “Gonk”.

Slip in an”I” gene, and it now becomes “Gionk,orGonik”

Leave it a while to change to “Gioniki”.

Another nice word ruined be genes.

A word troubled by gene insertion is “Ink”.

When you use a “T” gene, its just a nice “Tink”.

But should you use the “S”one,it changes to “Stink”.

So use a nice safe one like”W”,

And then you have a “Wink”, or a “Twink”,

But remove the “S” one, or you are back to “Stwink”

By all means play with the sound of words.

Let scientists clone their sheep.

Cloning the alphabet is just for the birds

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