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Last Farewell

April 13, 2010 by  
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When you left me for another I wept.

My life, my living, was without meaning,

I cried out in misery.

What had I done? You were my Angel.

I had placed you on a pedestal.

So that’s what I will do

I’ll build you a pedestal high

In white marble, just like your skin,

Reflecting the sun and the moon.

Then as I build it higher and higher,

I’ll place an Angel right on the top.

Just one last favour I’ll then ask.

Please, just one last photograph.

You, me and the angel in between.

When we have climbed up, the picture taken,

Then, my love, only then my love,

Will I tell you truthfully

What I think of you.

And then my love, only then my love

Will I call your name as I fall to the ground.

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