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All Life Sacred

April 13, 2010 by  
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Laying in bed thinking, finally sleeping,
Dreaming of refugees, hands outstretched, weeping.
In lines of homeless, dispossessed humans.
Broken bridges, buildings on fire,
Homes destroyed, and worse broken bodies, and minds.
Families split up, men folk marched off.
To where? Sounds of gunfire, please God not that.

Scenes at the border to shame the World.
Each refugee stripped of identity,
Pushed over the border like rubbish on a tip.
A nothing, a nobody, brushed off the human race.
Picked up, given food, some shelter,
They are grateful, try to smile their thanks.
Look into their eyes, see the suffering there.

The children call out as they dream “Papa–Papa”
The young girls weep, has rape made them pregnant?.
The priests say no to pregnancy pills:”all life is sacred”.
The elders just sit and wait for news of family, friends.
Their eyes scan everyone passing, hoping,
Inwardly praying to see a loved one emerge.
Finally exhausted they sleep, dream nightmare dreams.

How will it all end ? Peace restored?
Refugees back home to start to live again.
Trying to forget– we ask a lot of a human being.
Already Politicians and well meaning people
Call for peace, give up the struggle
Asking why should we interfere in a country”s trouble?
Are the weak again to be sold down the river…


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