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We Will Remember

April 14, 2010 by  
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They went sailing, they went sailing,

Far across the raging sea,

There to set their people free,

They went flying, they went flying,

Through the dark and dangerous skies,

In answer to their peoples cries.

They went marching, they went marching,

Through boggy marsh, and rocky slopes,

To fulfil an Island peoples hopes.

We were waiting, we were waiting,

For our saviours to appear,

Hope in our hearts and many a tear,

We were praying, we were praying,

To keep you safe in body and mind,

We your loved ones left behind.

Our flag is flying, our flag is flying,

Once again our Islands free,

To love and live our destiny.

We will remember, we will remember,

Those who fell, and those who went,

Heal their injuries, make their minds content.


2 Responses to “We Will Remember”
  1. Maureen(Greengrass) says:

    Hi David, Good Luck with your site. I think your poems are wonderful to read, so true and profound. I will look in as often as I can.
    All my very best wishes

  2. Cora Barras says:

    Hello David…still loving your wonderful writings! We have met before in Forward Press where we used to chat together. I am a great admirer of your work. All the best – Cora-E.