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Listen In The Darkness

April 13, 2010 by  
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When day ends, and darkness brings the night,

Man’s mind, and imagination take flight.

He sees visions, hears sounds,

Which by day no concern is found.

Understand Nature, listen to what she has to say,

Then even in the darkest night, fears float away.

Listen to the breeze rustling in a field of corn,

Then suddenly a cry, so like a baby newly born,

As a fox takes a hare to feed his family,

A moments fear adds to the darkness symphony.

A movement of air moves silently overhead,

As unseen the Owl hunts small creatures not abed.

Nature sings its songs of sheer delight,

Waiting for dawn’s first streaks of light.

A vixen hormones raging, comes into heat,

Her cry, a screech, like a maidens defeat,

Chills the hearts of all who hear her,

And know not, her call is for a lover.

A snuffling hedgehog, guzzling snails,

Burps, moves on following their sticky trails.

Thus nature’s night shift slowly drifts home,

Fed and watered, sleep now, no need to further roam.

The Dawn chorus, like an orchestra in their pit,

Tune up waiting for the suns first rays to be lit.

Then on the roads, and in the towns,

The greatest predator of all starts his rounds.

Hurrying, scurrying, scheming his schams,

Hooting, and honking, his ever lasting shams,

Clawing, and climbing over the also ran,

Proving his title “Greatest Predator” MAN.

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