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Double Cinquains

April 13, 2010 by  
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The Swift.

Swifts, always comes

In Spring, from sunny Africa to breed

Again in Europe, last migrant to arrive, first to leave.

Lives, sleeps, eats, loves on the wing, mates for life.

The Swift- True Bird.

Robin Redbreast.

Man’s friend, symbol of Christmas cheer.

Adored by all who see him, and hear his singing.

Will fight to the death, bigamist, often two wives, sometimes three.

Likeable rogue.

The Robin is one of the biggest rogues in bird life., he is always shown with brilliant red breast, especially at Christmas, when at period he is a dirty brown chested specimen, His red breast only comes out when the mating season starts in order to intimidate his fellow males, and helps him to take over their wives, he is a frequent adulterer, and often runs two or three nests at the same time. When confronted by another male he becomes a fighting machine, and often fights to the death. Then with the easiest of manner comes up to man as only a best friend would. A truly likeable rogue.

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