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Mind Block

April 13, 2010 by  
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Sitting at my desk,

My mind a blank,

Where has it gone?

Brain empty and dumb.

Then everything floods in,

Thought chases thought.

A Mailman’s bag

Of unwanted junk

Lands with a thump,

On my empty mind.

A glimmer of hope

Perhaps a word?

A line too much

To expect to extract.

Sift through my mind’s rubbish,

Usual junk,return to owner,

Does that mean me?

Double glazing, cheap Electric,

Or Gas, now obtainable from each other.

Subscribe to this-to that – win a prize.

Then it comes, a positive thought,

A clear clean positive line,

“Make mine a double”

Give thanks for a drop of Scotland’s best.

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