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A Minor Called Morris

April 4, 2010 by  
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The problem started with a minor called Morris.
Her curved sensuous body made me neglect Doris,
As I polished and caressed every delicate part,
Completely obsessed right from the start.

The joy of a rally week with my mistress,
Was brought to a halt by my wife’s distress.
“Next time join us” I gently implored.
She did, and suddenly Morris was adored.

She borrowed my keys. made a duplicate set,
Now completely obsessed with my beautiful pet.
By deed poll changed the name to Boris,
Now turned to a male, no longer my Morris.

Then one morning they left in a hurry,
To a place somewhere in Surrey,
My wife drove off with my mistress,
To live with this bloke they call Horace.

Now Morris or Boris lives with Doris and Horace,
I am left on my own to seek solace,
So I’ve found me another of quite different rank,
I’m now driving out with an ex-army tank.

Morris Minor

A Minor Called Morris

This poem was inspired by a poem about the Model T Ford. In the U.K.we have a much loved car, called the Morris Minor, which is a sort of icon in the motor trade.

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