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A Walk In The Sunken Lane

April 11, 2010 by  
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I strolled up the lane, enjoying my walk,
Steep banks on each side providing shade.
The smell of Violets, Primroses, and Honeysuckle,
Competing to enhance the peaceful scene.
Then, with a screech and a terrifying roar,
An R.A.F. Tornado, on a training flight
Shattered the peace, silenced the birds.
It was closely followed by three more,
Playing follow my leader up the valley core.

I sank down on the bank, deafened by blast,
Shocked, I sat recovering slowly.
My thoughts went back to another such lane,
A wartime Normandy lane, its steep banks giving shelter.
There I walked beside Joe Hellings and his section of men,
Making our way to the start of an attack.
Joe had just said ‘Nice safe approach, plenty of cover’.
I stopped, turned around, urged those following to catch up,
Then without warning, the shells crashed down.

Blown off my feet,I could see the smoke,
Smell the cordite,but was deaf from the blast.
Joe and his men lay dead in the lane.
I picked them up,laid them side by side on the bank,
Sent the wounded back to the first aid post.
Then still deafened,I ran to catch up,
To take my place to start the attack.
Memories pushed to the back of the mind,
The sound subsided. But the mind pictures remained.

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