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Summer holidays Enjoyed

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Reading about the summer holidays you guys enjoyed , I thought you might like to hear about my childhood escapades.

Camping seems to be something enjoyed by all, sleeping bags, tents, must have been like living in a first class hotel.

Our tent consisted of an old tarpaulin sheet, held up at both ends by a couple of rods cut from the nearest tree, sleeping bags ? why shirt and pants of course. These trips had to be carefully planned, situation was paramount, a stream for fish, and water to drink. Not too far from home, so we could nip back and scrounge tit bits to supliment our rations.

Lay your night fishing lines in the stream, make sure you had kindling for your morning fire, creep under the tarpaulin sheet, and fall asleep listening to the sounds of the stream, and all the other night sounds, and dream of conquering the World.

Earely morning, strip off, jump into the stream, run round the field, to dry off, no such luxury as a towel. Inspect your night lines for fish to be cleaned and cooked for breakfast, over a camp fire, along with a slice or two of fat bacon, with a hunk of bread toasted over the same fire. A feast fit for the most intrepid explorer.

After breakfast, survey the territory for signs of rabbits, then carefully set the traps for the evening meal of rabbit stew.If we got lucky and caught more than one, then sell one, and buy sausages, to be used as diet variation.

You may think that all this sounds like hard work and no fun, but i can assure you that being free, and self sufficient, is something to truly enjoy,

King of your little Kingdom, enjoyed with just a couple of friends.


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  1. Alan Parry-Booth says:

    Those were great days my friend…….beautifully recalled.