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Playground Romance

April 15, 2010 by  
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That day started so well as we talked in the playground, we were young and innocent and you smiled as you gave me your pen. “You may borrow it for a while to improve your writing” at least that’s what you said, or was it perhaps you knew that I could not afford to buy one for myself?

That was the nicest and most exciting thing that happened to me all that school term. You actually liked me enough to let me borrow that golden, green pen with its screw top, and which caused all the heartache. It had been screwed on too tightly, and clumsy oaf that I was, I twisted and turned it, and horror of horrors, the beautiful pen snapped and broke into two!

I skulked in the playground, afraid to confront you until, at last, I was forced into telling the awful truth. I will never forget the look on your face, as I showed you the broken pen and attempted to apologise. Your expression told me the dreadful truth. I had broken your trust. I ran off in despair, in case you said something and discovered the tears in my eyes.

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