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A Child Remembers

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The ornate gates, and imposing pillars, erected in memory of all who died in WW1, now also for WW2 ,and those who gave their lives in all wars since. A fitting cenotaph where the people of Oswestry, Shropshire, England, could meet to show their respect and gratitude to the fallen.

On this day we met to attend the simple service of rememberance.We started to assemble, old comrades greeting old comrades, many with their medals proudly displayed.

As usual some of the pupils of Oswestry School, Bellan House,(Founded in 1407) formed up in a semicircle in front of the gates, wearing their red poppies with pride, showing true respect.

Promptly at 11.A.M. the ceremony started.

A gun boomed, and the bugler sounded, the two minute silence started.

Thinking of all those who gave their all in so many wars is simply impossible in such a short time.So much to think of , the time hoplessly inadequate.The gun boombed, the bugler sounded. The crowd started to disperse, then i noticed a very young girl with tears in her eyes obviously crying, as she marched back to School.I learned later that she had been thinking of her Great grandfather in WW1, and her Grandfather in WW2, How proud they would be to know that the young remembered them.

Now I have another memory of a young girl showing just how much she cared. I left the meeting feeling that this young person somehow made everything more worthwhile.

The very young would remember them.

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